Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week Ending 3/22/09

Week ending 3/22/09

I feel so behind, things have been so hectic I haven’t had time to post what I have been up too.
The weekend before St. Patrick’s Day I went to Wilmington, NC for the Steve Haydu St. Patrick’s Day Lo-tide 5K run. It was so much fun, but freezing. We got there a few days early to look around Wilmington, cutest city ever. I could see myself living there. Back to the run, I ran the 5k in 38:28.
I am 489 down the list…. In the middle, not too shabby! (I have a goal to beat my time on April 18th)
I was proud of that especially since that last part was on the sand. Talk about hard, I just knew I was going to throw up on the guy that was handing out water to the runners after they cross the finish line. I did not puke, thank goodness but I so wanted too. This picture was taken right before the race… we were hiding out in the car because it was freezing and cold!!! Mom forgot to take any other pictures…lol
So the run in Wilmington marks two off my list, going somewhere new and race one of ten. I am on my way!
If anyone hears of any 5k’s or 10k’s coming up… pass along the info to me and I come run it!

Here are a couple of other pictures from Wilmington. If you know where the picture on the bleachers is…. You get bonus points!!!

Mom on Riverwalk in front of one of the ships

Mom and I on Riverwalk

Hanging out on Riverwalk Where is this OTH fans????
Kim!!! She came down for a visit, I haven't seen her in years. We had the best time on the haunted pub crawl!! - where is the little hobbit and her military man? ha ha ha

The Garden – My dad and I started a section of the garden two weeks ago. We are going to plant a few things in the main back yard and the other veggies will be across the field. Here is a before and after picture. We planted white and red onions so far. Apparently we can’t plant the other things until the last “frost” day has past (April 15).



I purchased a sewing machine. I have not used it yet but it is on my to-do list this week. Erica and I had a “sewing” date planned but we got side tracked with wedding stuff so next Sunday is a serious sewing day. I think an apron is going to be my first project. Wish me luck!

The book club has been on hold. We have all been so busy, but we have a book club date this Friday night!

I went hiking in Fall Creek Falls the Sunday before last. It was a great day. Beautiful outside and the weather was awesome. I hiked from the main falls to the nature center and all around that area. Those who have been there know that it a pretty far walk from one to the other. Not exactly sure the distance I walked but it was a great workout. If you have not been I highly recommend it!
Now that things are getting back to normal I should be able to update this more frequently. I will add some of the photographs I have been taking next time...