Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Week of 4/22/09

Update Time!!!!!

I ran the Tree City 5K with my friend Erica…. We tied for third! It was fun. So that is two races down! I have another race on May 9th.

We celebrated Erica's 30th Birthday on April 18th!!!

Its time to start planting the garden, I will post some pictures once things start to grow. The onions I planted last month are doing good… almost all of them are coming


I’ve been taking photos like mad and am entering a contest at the end of May!! Wish me luck, major prize money! I also have some photographs at Capalano’s in McMinnville. Once the display is finished I will post pictures.

Erica and her fiancé Kris are going to let me take their “save the date” photos, so that is exciting!!

I have a friend coming to so see me, or I am going to see her and she is going to teach me how to knit a sweater. I am awesome at some scarves… J

Pictures soon to come... I am having some trouble uploading them