Saturday, January 24, 2009

The List, Week Ending 1/24/09

I had such a busy week...

I started working on the list hard core Monday morning. I went to my friend Natasha yesterday and had her add pink highlights to my hair. I love it. What do you think? I can now cross that item off "the list"

The Friday Night Book Club finished its first book Confessions of a Shopaholic. Hilarious book and we will have a "book club field trip" to see the movie when it comes out. ha ha

We had dinner at TGI Fridays and drank beer and margaritas. Its turned into more of a therapy session than a book club. My mom being the Therapist. Its fun though, she teaches us lots we need to know and lots we didn't know. The books are out core reason for meeting but the chit chatting is the icing on the cake. We learned about.. well I'm not sure that should be posted on here. I will just say women had to do some very interesting things in there time and our generation has it so easy!

We are starting Firefly Lane this week. There is to be a new member, Lindsay Strickland, joining us this coming Friday evening. Everyone is very excited that she is going to be a part of our Friday Night Book Club.

*pictures of The Friday Night Book Club soon to come

I started my running program that will help me run in at least 10 races this year. Week total of miles ran is 3. So only 197 more to go to reach my goal.

I did some research on some races in the coming months.

Here are a few races I plan on running in.

Feb 21 Tree City 5K- McMinnville, TN

March 15 Lotide Run (5K or 10K) - Carolina Beach, NC

April TBD Dibrell 5K - McMinnville, TN

June 7 Lions club 5K - Smyrna, TN

June 14 Riverbend Run 5K - Chattanooga, TN

August 9 Cherokee Running Bare 5K - Crossville, TN

Sept 27 Greenway 5K - McMinnville, TN

Oct 11 Murfreesboro 1/2 Marathon - Murfreesboro, TN

Oct 18 Run Away Pig Race 3.6 mile run - Dunlap, TN

Nov 9 Jingle Bell Run 5K - Chattanooga, TN

This of course are just tentative except ones that are in bold

I may find better or different ones in the future.

Wood Working! As part of my Participation in a Craft Fair, I have decided to make some things along with selling my photographs. My dad and I had a teaching session this morning. He showed me how to use a radial arm saw, hand saw and table saw. We talked types of wood and what and what could not be run through the sander. (there was a more technical term for that but I forget).
This will also help me when it comes time to make my chair.
Also, I am currently organizing a group to participate in the Cancer 3 day Walk in Atlanta on October 23. If anyone wants to be a part of our team just let me know. Email me at It should be a fun time and help support a great cause.
That is it so far. I will have another update next week.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The time is now

Everyone makes resolutions to quit this or do less of that in the year to come. I have made a list of things I am going to do. I talk a lot about what I want to do and for some reason I never make the time. I don't make it a priority, then a few years later I still want to do that something special. Its time to start doing those things and I am going to make them happen. I am going to list what it is I want to do and I am going to record it all here. I may add things but I will not take away from this list. I will document my progress, experiences and accomplishments on here. This is not a complete list of all I want to do in life this is just a list for what I want to do this year. I mean"what I AM going to do this year"

Go to Forks, WA
Go Fishing
Make a quilt
Enter Photography Contest
Learn to Sew
Make an Adirondack chair
Grow a Garden
Buy a Banjo
Learn to play the Banjo
Write a Book
Sell my Pictures
Knit a Sweater
Hike at least 6 Parks
Camp 3 times
Canoe 2 times
Start a book club
Start my Business
Get my own place
Cancer 3 day walk
Participate in a craft fair
Play a sport for fun
Go to 2 new places (camping and canoe trips don't count)
Run 200 miles
Dye my hair pink
Fix up Jeep
Take more Photographs
Make Jewelry
Compete in at least 10 races this year
Learn to blow glass, weld or something similar
Complete photo collection for book or calendar
Submit Card ideas to a company
Wear a sexy two piece this summer