Friday, May 29, 2009

Week of 5/29/09

At precisely 12:37am my website went live! I want to dance around the house screaming but it might wake everyone. Kind of stinks that I can’t share this excitement with anyone…everyone is either out or asleep. Lol.
It was a very exciting week. Hell, its been a very exciting past two weeks. I got to help Hope Smith with a wedding in Tullahoma, TN and she has asked for my assistance with another wedding June 6th, 2009. The first wedding was amazing. I had no idea how hard it would be but I loved every minute of it… Thank you Hope! I had a photo shoot with Amanda West’s kids. It was so much fun and they are precious. It was my first paying solo job!! I have two more shoots lined up in the near future and now that the website is up….the business is going to be pouring in (positive thinking).

Another piece of great news… I am going to Forks, WA on June 23rd. Some friends from California are getting together on the Oregon Coast the last weekend in June. After doing a little research, I found out that Forks is only a 5.5 hour drive from where we will be staying. I am going to fly in a day early and check it out. I am so excited. If anyone wants to join… let me know. I am going alone.

I am also planning a trip with Erica, Camille and Shea to go to Destin, FL July 1st-5th. Such a busy summer I am going to have! 

I have put off running since the last race but I started that back up this week… I have 8 more races to go, I can’t fall behind now.

I entered some pieces in the Appalachian Photography Salon contest in Kingsport, TN. I did not win but I have several more I am entering in the near future. I will win again, I will! (won previously in 2000)

I know it has nothing to do with “The List” but my niece Karagen graduated from Kindergarten…. It was an exciting night for her. We went to dinner, she got presents and then we had a little party for her when she got home. So fun!… she is the cutest thing alive! Here are a few pictures from the night

I feel that there is so much more to tell but I can't get over my website starting! Its taken me weeks.

I will try and update in the next few days!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring Time Maddness

I feel that I have not had a moment of rest in weeks, heck months. Its been super busy in my life and I have a couple of exciting things going on. First off I have started my own business! Yes, I did it... well I am in the process. Check it out and tell me what you think. Its just a basic site for now, it took me a whole weekend to finish. (It was highly frustrating)
I had two photo shoots this past weekend. The first was a Photo shoot with Erica and Kris. They wanted some "Save the Date" photos. It was fun and I was nervous but they were great to work with and we all had a blast. Here are a few photos from the shoot.

My second shoot was with Karagen. Of course I love shooting her, she has the best expressions. Here is a few from that shoot

I have some photos hanging in Capalano's on the square. I am entering in a contest up in Kingsport on May 22. I have another engagement photo session on June 7th and a wedding on July 25th. I completely excited about all of this I am having a hard time containing my enthusiasm. :)Please spread the word if you know of anyone needing a photographer.

I spent the past couple of weeks in East Tennessee. I did some fishing up there and worked on an Afghan for my mom. What do you think... it was fun to make but took forever.

Also I helped plant a garden. I will take some pictures of it this week so you can see the progress. With all this rain we should have corn, tomatoes, cucumbers and squash in no time. (we planted a lot more than that)

So.. lets see I can cross Fishing and Starting my Business off the list.

As for the website, if anyone has some suggestions for it or if you have a website and want me to link to it please just let me know. We have to help each other out so that we can all prosper! (cheesy but true)

I should have another update in a week or two.

Here are a couple of other shots I just love....